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We offer mobile app development services for companies in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Whether you want to go to market fast with a cross platform mobile client for your idea, need to maintain a pool of published apps, or are looking for a partner for your next R&D initiative with augmented reality, we're here to help.

We engage in variety of projects, including:

iOS, Android, React Native

Mobile App Development

To go native, or not to go native, that is the question. Typically the first question when planning a mobile project is whether to go native and implement the best possible UX making the most of the capacities & particularities of each mobile platform, or to address the development with a single code base, with an hybrid cross platform approach, building the app as fast and as economically as possible.

There's no one size fits all solution. We have developers that can handle native as well as developers that can handle cross platform. In both scenarios we can assist you, and we can even help you figure out how to explore the trade off involved in this decision.


iOS Native

We have developers that can build iOS apps using both Objective-C and Swift. Objective-C syntax is ugly, but it kinda grew on us over the years.


Android Native

Yes, we do Java & Kotlin. Given the fragmentation in devices and versions out there, the question you should be asking yourself is what is going to be your minimum target Android sdk version. We can help you out with this as well.


Hybrid Mobile Development

When it comes to cross platform development React Native is our technology of choice, but we have a past with hybrid approaches including WebViews.

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