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When it comes to backend services we rely on strong foundations of service oriented architectures to implement N tier distributed information systems.

We have experience both in leveraging cloud infrastructure services such as those provided by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, as well as building our own infrastructure ready to be deployed on premises, or in private clouds.

We engage in a variety of projects, including:

The right tool for the job

Services backend

When it comes to server side technologies we have a big toolbox at our disposal. We have released systems to production built with: .NET, Java, and Node.js. We are comfortable working both in the Windows and Linux stack of server technologies.

These days PostgresSQL is our SQL database of choice but we've worked for years with Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL as well.

We love REDIS when it comes to caching and needing a messaging bus among distributed components.

We rely on Python when we need to train a model.

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