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Software products for the enterprise

We have a background in developing products for the enterprise, particularly in the enterprise collaboration business process management, and knowledge management space. We are enthusiastic about new technologies and exploring the opportunities they bring to old problems.

Our products are available in the cloud, or mobile app stores, but they can also be customized for specific enterprise scenarios.


Embrace smarter communications.

Kezmo is an enterprise chat and collaboration tool built to fit the needs of your organization. It can be used both internally to manage projects, and externally to handle the relationship with customers and contractors. Integrate chatbots, create workflows and manage content all in one place.



Say hello to offline messaging & proximity sharing.

Communication with nearby devices made easy, like Airdrop on steroids!

Group messaging and file sharing based on nearby network protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Create conversations anywhere, and invite those around you to participate, no mater what the network conditions are.
  • Share and chat without leaving traces on any server infrastructure.
  • Gather information while on the go, take pictures and videos in remote locations to synchronize them later with your peers.


Crowdsourcing ideas generation.

IdeaSource is an open source platform to gather, manage and organize ideas for creative problem solving.

  • Crowdsource the generation of ideas.
  • Get input across teams and hierarchy levels.
  • Enable open innovation in your workplace.
  • Request ideas by proposing challenges. A challenge can be any issue or topic that needs fixing, improving, or being dealt with. Open the discussion by letting the whole team provide the best ideas.