Kezmo - Go from agile conversations to actionable tasks

We build awesome software products.


Secure digital communication with nearby devices made easy, like Airdrop on steroids!

Mobile First

We have +5 years of experience developing mobile apps. Our products are mobile experiences from the ground up.

Content & Collaboration

We have +15 years of experience in Enterprise information Systems design and development.

Nearby Networking

We are researching nearby network protocols, proximity based messaging & collaboration. Stay tuned.

We are a company focused in delivering mobile first solutions for the enterprise sector.

Join us & help us turn coffee into software.

Turn ons: everything star wars.

Let’s dream better ways to get things done.

We want to take over the world. 

We are OrangeLoops

This is a story about a couple of passionate software developers that at some point during 2009 decided to join forces.
After developing enterprise information systems with Microsoft technologies for corporate clients for more than 10 years they started a software company attempting to leverage years of experience, and a desire to develop a product based business model…

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We are hiring

It takes a great team to be able to create awesome software. We are in the process of putting such a team together.
We have open positions for programmers. Experience with Objective-C, or Android SDK are a plus…

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